Service & MOT at Rossiters

Rossiters offer complete service management for your car in conjunction with a small network of local partners. Using our experience and expertise we can fully assess your needs and deliver a service programme that meets your requirements, as well as those of your car, in the most cost effective way.

Our partners include main franchise dealers, technical experts (e.g. electrical), independent specialists and bodyshops. Sometimes we will use a combination of these to deliver the most cost effective solution for you, and because of our buying power we can offer these services to you at no extra cost.

The benefits of using Rossiters for your car servicing are:

  • We use the right people for the job – save yourself the risk and hassle of shopping around.
  • An experienced overview – we’ll advise the best solution for you and your car based on the type of driving that you do.
  • One point of contact – saves you time, hassle and money.
  • Cost effective – we’ll ensure you spend as little as is necessary to keep your car well looked after.
  • High quality – we want to keep you as a customer so we keep a close eye on any work done to ensure that it is always of a high standard and that no unnecessary work has been carried out.
  • So next time your service, repair or MOT is due call us on 01485 540000 and get the service only Rossiters can offer!

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