New cars at Rossiters

Rossiters are happy to quote for any new car or commercial vehicle. As independent dealers we are free of many of the restrictions and ties that main dealers are bound by, and this often allows us to offer you a better deal. Also, with no specific franchise, and therefore no axe to grind regarding a particular marque, we can offer impartial and balanced advice on the make and model of car that might best suit your needs. You might not have tried them all, but we have!

We also have access to large inventories of nearly-new cars and vans that often come at a massive discount, and therefore represent excellent value. Sometimes these are just a couple of months old with low mileages that have been registered by dealers, or been on short term contracts with fleet companies and are just like new, but then need to be disposed of. All the usual warranties and service packages remain in place, the only thing they don’t come with is a hefty chunk of depreciation in the first year!

About to buy a car elsewhere?

Call us, even if you’ve placed your order. We might be able to offer you a better price for your existing car, or match your dealer’s offer allowing you to negotiate a better deal on your new car with no trade-in.

Buy smart, buy with Rossiters!