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BMW M5 AC Schnitzer. Very high specification,
Mileage: 16000 MilesColour: Monte Carlo Blue MetallicYear: 2012 (12)Fuel: PetrolGearbox: Automatic
Porsche Panamera 4.8 V8 4S PDK 5dr
Mileage: 45000 MilesColour: Basalt BlackYear: 2010 (60)Fuel: PetrolGearbox: Semi-Automatic
BMW 1 Series AC Schnitzer ACS1 Sport M135i 3dr 360bhp
Mileage: 3400 MilesColour: Sapphire Black MetallicYear: 2013 (63)Fuel: Petrol TurboGearbox: Automatic
BMW Z4 AC Schnitzer Z4 28i (294 bhp) Sport
Mileage: 26000 MilesColour: WhiteYear: 2012 (12)Fuel: PetrolGearbox: 6-Speed
Mini Roadster Cooper S John Cooper Works + Big Specification
Mileage: 2000 MilesColour: WhiteYear: 2013 (13)Fuel: PetrolGearbox: 6-Speed
Mercedes-Benz C Class C200 CDi Elegance Blueefficiency Automatic
Mileage: 32000 MilesColour: BlueYear: 2012 (62)Fuel: DieselGearbox: Automatic
Volkswagen Passat CC GT Bluemotion TDi 170 bhp
Mileage: 24000 MilesColour: Aluminium SilverYear: 2011 (60)Fuel: DieselGearbox: 6-Speed
BMW 6 Series 630i Sport Convertible Automatic Huge Spec
Mileage: 51000 MilesColour: Aluminium SilverYear: 2007 (07)Fuel: PetrolGearbox: Automatic
Mini Hatch Cooper S 2.0 SD
Mileage: 30000 MilesColour: Eclipse GreyYear: 2012 (12)Fuel: DieselGearbox: 6-Speed
Audi A6 3.0 TDi Quattro S Line Le-Mans
Mileage: 34000 MilesColour: Oyster GreyYear: 2007 (57)Fuel: DieselGearbox: Automatic
Mini Hatch Cooper S AC Schnitzer conversions available for your Mini.
Mileage: 22000 MilesColour: Pepper WhiteYear: 2008 (08)Fuel: Petrol TurboGearbox: 6-Speed
BMW 1 Series 118D SE Coupe
Mileage: 17000 MilesColour: BlueYear: 2010 (10)Fuel: DieselGearbox: 6-Speed
Audi A1 1.4 TFSi Sport 3dr DSG Automatic
Mileage: 27000 MilesColour: Shiraz Red PearlYear: 2011 (11)Fuel: PetrolGearbox: Automatic
Volkswagen Golf GT TDi 140bhp 5dr
Mileage: 42000 MilesColour: BlackYear: 2010 (60)Fuel: DieselGearbox: 6-Speed
Skoda Octavia 1.6 TDi CR Elegance DSG Automatic
Mileage: 25000 MilesColour: Lava Blue MetallicYear: 2012 (12)Fuel: DieselGearbox: Semi-Automatic
Mazda MX-5 2.0 Roadster Sport Tech
Mileage: 15000 MilesColour: RedYear: 2010 (10)Fuel: PetrolGearbox: 6-Speed
Mini Hatch Cooper 1.6 D Pepper Pack + sunroof
Mileage: 26000 MilesColour: WhiteYear: 2010 (10)Fuel: DieselGearbox: 6-Speed
Volkswagen Golf Match TDi 5dr
Mileage: 44000 MilesColour: BlueYear: 2011 (11)Fuel: DieselGearbox: 5-Speed
Ford Fiesta 1.4 Titanium 3dr
Mileage: 20000 MilesColour: WhiteYear: 2012 (12)Fuel: PetrolGearbox: 5-Speed
BMW 3 Series 330i M Sport
Mileage: 62000 MilesColour: BlueYear: 2006 (06)Fuel: PetrolGearbox: Automatic
Fiat 500 Twin Air Lounge 3dr
Mileage: 21000 MilesColour: BlackYear: 2011 (11)Fuel: PetrolGearbox: 5-Speed
Toyota IQ VVT-I IQ2 3dr
Mileage: 17000 MilesColour: WhiteYear: 2013 (13)Fuel: PetrolGearbox: 5-Speed
Vauxhall Insignia 1.8 Exclusiv 5dr
Mileage: 32000 MilesColour: WhiteYear: 2009 (09)Fuel: PetrolGearbox: 6-Speed
Fiat 500 Pop 1.2 3dr with Pan Glass Roof
Mileage: 47000 MilesColour: GrigioYear: 2010 (10)Fuel: PetrolGearbox: 5-Speed
Skoda Fabia 2 1.6 16v 5dr Automatic
Mileage: 40000 MilesColour: Aluminium SilverYear: 2009 (59)Fuel: PetrolGearbox: 5-Speed
Citroen C1 Rhythm 1.4 HDi 5dr
Mileage: 26000 MilesColour: Metallic GreyYear: 2009 (58)Fuel: DieselGearbox: 5-Speed
Mileage: 1 MilesColour: AnyYear: 2005 (M)Fuel: PetrolGearbox: Manual